Spectrum Filter

Download and Installation

  1. Save all your files and shutdown Thermo Scientific Proteome Discoverer.
  2. Download the node’s DLL (for PD 1.3.x or PD 1.4.x)
  3. Copy the downloaded DLLs to the Proteome Discoverer Release folder, e.g.: "C:\Program Files\Thermo\Discoverer Demo 1.3\System\Release".
  4. For each DLL: Right-click the DLL, open its properties window and click the Unblock botton, if available.
  5. Open a command prompt and navigate to the Proteome Discoverer Release folder.
  6. Enter “Thermo.Magellan.Server –install” (without the quotes).
  7. You should see the message, indicating that the installation worked sucessfully: "INFO - ProcessingNodeManager: Node: Post Search Mass Recalibrator registered"


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